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two hadn't zero. how -- version 2.0. how new technology is making the shopping experience feel more personal. >>> and the delivery of a drone. how it can come inches of a american. -- of a person. >>> happening now, people are heading home as the thanksgiving weekend travel rush wind down. we want to take you now and give you a live look at interstate 80 in berkeley where there are a lot of people on the roads at this late hour: but as you can see here on these pictures traffic seems to be moving just fine. more than 5 million californians were expected to travel this thanksgiving most by car. but for those who took to the air, their returns are looking pretty good. >> we checked at the airport and it's looking pretty good. >> reporter: carusels worked as passengers grabbed their badded and headed home. the bagley family flew out this morning hoping to avoid the crowds. >> there was no traffic, that helped. >> reporter: and weather probably helped out with no delays. >> it was empty and easy and it was an amazing vacation. >> reporter: paul and his family spent thanksgiving with rel
and technology has made it easier for people to work and shop from home. >> there was much more aspiration to buy certain cars. i don't think the younger generation has that passion around it. it's really more getting from point a to b and they have more passion for what is in the car. things like entertainment systems. >> she says for automakers to attract younger dries they will build more small cars with more technology inside. >>> three community colleges in contra costa college are receiving facelifts. this time-lapsed video from diablo valley college shows some of the improvements. projects at dvc, los medasons and controcomfort will domestic $45 million. the colleges want to improve classroom technology, energy- efficiency and accessibility. the projects are expected tock done bit fall of 2016. >>> if you shoppedded for covered california health coverage, but did not enroll, your contact information could have been shared with companies, such as names and phone numbers. no health or financial information was given out. the executive director of covered california says the release w
where people can learn about interactive technology. >>> they are delivering christmas trees and they will be able to have it deliver and trees can be ordered through the goober act. >> we just picked up one of our christmas trees yesterday. form sal, there are a -- sal, there are a number of lots. >> yes, there are lots all over the bay area that do that. good morning, let's look at what we have now and we will start in san jose, south bay traffic is moving along nicely and the off ramp, there is not a lot of traffic there because it is so early but people will be slowing down to take a look at the trouble on the shoulder. looking at 84 and that looks good 580 is also moving along nicely and when you get to the toll bridge plaza, it is light. >> sal, i just saw 16 degrees near petaluma. >> 16 degrees? >> yes, and todd sent me 22 from pleasant hills. there you go, there will be records, almost all were sit at 72 and napa is 23 right now, yesterday they had a breeze and that held up their temperatures and san francisco, our observer had 29 degrees. that would tie a record low.
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change for tsa in the history of our organization. >> reporter: technology and data gathering allow the tsa to deem some people low risk and of those a percentage will be chosen for the special security line currently being used by prescreened travelers. >> it doesn't diminish screening. it gives us the chance to focus greater on the people we don't know a lot about. >> reporter: and at oakland international airport that may be good news during the holiday travel season. >> it speeds things up for travelers and allows tsa to focus its limited resources on the areas most needed. >> it was very different. it was great. >> reporter: how many travelers will get selected for the precheck line? that, too, is random but tsa officials say they may operate a second precheck line based on the volume of travelers this holiday season n. oakland, ann reuben, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details now in the tsa's precheck program. once enrolled travelers do not have to remove their belts, shoes or jackets at the security checkpoint. also they do not have to remove their laptop from its case or pu
in benecia say without crucial technology, they would not have been able to find two people trapped in a burning building. we'll show you the device and hear from the first firefighters on the scene. >>> i-5 shut down for hours after a man police considered dangerous was shot and killed by officers. the crime he was accused of committing in san jose. >>> a dump truck hit a school bus carrying elementary school students this morning in idaho, killing an 11-year-old boy and injuring four other children. the accident happened in a small town, about 20 miles southwest of boise. these are still pictures from the idaho statesman newspaper. a spokesman for the sheriff's department there says the truck hit the bus at a rural intersection but it's not clear yet who was at fault. >>> new information on a santa cruz homicide case that went cold 20 years ago. police have now positively identified the victim as corey joanne lamister of pacifica. she was 17 at the time of her death. her baddy decomposed body was discovered in 1994 partially buried in the pogonip area. a break came after police we
. >> technology to the rescue. a special thank-you to pinterest. ryan used amanda's pinterest account. they have a second called my dream wedding. she had all kinds of photos of what her dream wedding might be. so she was planning her dream wedding without her knowledge. now, ryan decides, so what do we do? how do i do this? so he picks the perfect location, picks miami, florida. >> amanda roman. >> are you serious? >> i love you so much. and it would honor me so much if you would marry me. >> incredibly romantic. but, as you so. see,a a to keep this moving along. she's like, what? this is the biggest moment of our lives. why are you rushing? >> because he had the wedding planned. >> she gets her perfect makeup, perfect hair, perfect dress ready for the wedding. >> it tell us how this all happened we have amanda and ryan via skype "right this minute." first, with you, how did you have the courage to do this? >> when you love somebody, you're willing to do anything for them. amanda could have said she wanted anything. it didn't matter what she said, i knew i would put all of my being into trying
. >> technology is remarkable that they can pick up a heat signal from a helicopter who knows how far away and save somebody's life. >> the grinch is alive and well and in philadelphia. the grinch is also a woman. there she is walking down the street early in the morning hours. you're thinking, oh, she's admiring the christmas decorations. oh, no, she has theft on her mind. the police said she came and started taking things she wanted for herself. >> this is literally what the grinch does, goes and steals all the christmas decorations. >> but then they say she wasn't done. she left and came back with a mr. grinch and they took more stuff. >> i understand if you don't have the means for certain things, sometimes maybe you have to do things just to provide. but you don't need christmas decorations. >> how can you possibly walk up to your home every day and feel good looking at that christmas decorations. this is not the chris mat spirit. >> you have no conscience. you go yeah, i stole those but they look good in front of my house. >> here's another grinch in russia. this gentleman, can yes,
kitty. ♪ ♪ >> in this age of technology, you got to get them while they're young and they are learning fast. precious little baby girl is taking her very first selfie video. >> you have to figure she can see herself. she's probably trying to figure out who is that in there? >> pointing a camera right at her as she's moving around a little bit, quick shot of who we think is her mom in the back, distracted on her computer, doing some work, not realizing her cute little daughter is recording the video on her phone. she did say later she found the video in her phone and she started laughing because she thought it was adorable. >> at one point it looks like she's trying to get mom in the shirt. >> they're learning quick. >> she was probably born with a cell phone in her hand. >> that's probably why it shaking around a bit, she's probably trying to post it on her facebook page. >> geno's mission? >> >>> we've seen this guy's talents on the floor before. peanut, can dance with hit fingers. >> cutting is like finger stuff. >> and thfrom the bay area, he makes it look very easy, like his finger
. they are buying converting a failed solar energy plant in mesa arizona to pump cutting edge technology and two thousand jobs in to the area. >> they would like to be seen as an american company. they would like to do some things that make them look better. >> earlier this year apple ceo tim cook announced his plans to inject $100 million into a mac product line to be built in the united states. it's all part of their made in the usa push which also includes building a facility in texas and a repair shop in pennsylvania. >>> apple is releasing a new technology called ibeacon. once inside a store it'll send you messages about your orders, events and its products you are standing next too. in order for it to work though users need to down load the app, allow it to use their location and have blue tooth turned on. major league baseball plans to use it at parks. >> a unique flight from san francisco enter in international for young children fighting serious illnesses. the special destination for them. >> and getting ready for a huge rivalry. as excitement heats up how security is also ramping u
, you know, i'm not against technology. i'm not one of these people who says, oh, unmanned airplanes is really a bad thing. there will be air traffic control issues. my problem is more with surveillance for privacy reasons. not with delivering of packages. so i'm worried about the government looking into our backyard. i'm also worried about private companies looking and counting and looking in our windows. i have said previously, this has nothing to do with amazon, but that a rules on peeping toms will have to be applied to higher technology. there has to be a certain extension of your privacy. not only your house, but your yard and the things that you do that really people shouldn't be able to observe all of the time. and so there will have to be rules on private entities, but really most particularly i'm concerned about the government looking at our activities. >> we also learned this week, another revelation from edward snowden, that the nsa collects records on cell phones. 4 billion cell phone records outside the country every day. and that they can also track where those cell ph
injuries. >>> dianne feinstein is pushing to keep a deadline for installing new technology on trains that she says would prevent crashes like the one in new york over the weekend that killed four people. senator feinstein introduced legislation back in 2008 that requires all trains to have what's called positive train control installed by december 31st, 2015. the technology automatically slows down or stops trains if engineers exexceed or are on a collision course with another train , seeds the speed limit or are -- exceed the speed limit or on a collision course with another train. >>> we're learning more about the funeral plans for nelson mandela and why he will be buried far away from south africa's cap -- capital. >>> traffic will be slow like places on 80. >>> bundle up. it's a freezing start, once again, but the sun is now up. we will begin to thaw out. i will have a look at your time line for friday and what changes are coming our way. more on that -- coming up. if i can impart one lesson to a new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is re
won't confirm or denews chopper but calls drones an interesting technology. other report are also say that google has been testing dronenburgs since february for door to door delivery. companies wanting to use dronenburgs in the u.s. will have to wait until the federal aviation administration comes up with rules for their use. >> reporter: let's talk about our weather because it is really -- temperatures are really coming down. >> reporter: yeah. yesterday, 60s, near 70 degrees in some places. they were back in the mid-50s. by tomorrow, low 50s and even upper 40s for the daytime high. here is the front right here. then all the cold air is filtering in behind it. those clear skies are what is going to accommodate the very cold overnight low temperatures. current numbers 49 right now in napa. the north bay will see temperatures tomorrow morning just before sun rise that will be down into the upper 20s and low 30s. frost in lots of plaices. below freezing temperatures in lots of places tonight, especially in the north bay. yesterday's temperatures and today's temperatures, that front wen
the fda ordered the company to stop it sales saying that it failed to show that its technology worked. the founder of 23 and me is married to google founder sergi brim, although the two are currently separated. >>> under the agreement the owners of marcus books would pay a little more than $2 million for the building. marcus book social security -- marcus books is now working with a area nonprofit to buy the building. >>> a local celebrity is killed in a motorcycle accident. >> he was a lovely guy and we're sorry to lose him. >> how his fellow writers are remembering him. >>> coming up i'll pinpoint when this cold weather can turn into snow. >>> and what's next for dozens of homeowners and more. a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a help
infrared technology that features heat paying particular tax to the creek but nobody was found. >> right now we only have the one reporting party who was the bus driver. so the video gives us another perspective of what occurred. and we will be reviewing the video to see if there is any way to identify the person involved. >> reporter: police say at this point they have not received any tips or leads. they may be releasing that video to the media to help this case. if the woman is safe and she may come forward after seeing the video, investigators say this appears to be an isolated incident but they are treating this as a worse case scenario. reporting live from milpitas janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we are following developing news for you from the south bay. investigators are still on the scene from an early morning fire. it started shortly after 2:00 this morning on the 5400 block of monterey road. the fire department sent out pictures from the fire sent a short time ago. investigators are still looking for a man in his 70s that live in that mobile home. they don't have a
glass. a high-technology device you wear like glasses. the chp officer added a distracted driving citation to her ticket. but she claims her georgia glass was -- google glass was not turned on. >> its on like the device is physically on, but its not active. if i do either this or this, then you can see the screen light up a little bit. >> she is one of the first people in the nation to test the google glass which by the way won't be in stores until next year. so her traffic court fight could prove to be a test case for the future. glance san francisco man says he is more than grateful for a very generous tip he received from a person carrying out acts of kindness across the country. andy was recently given a $1500 tip on a $468 check at harris' restaurant. he says he didn't believe it at first until his manager confirmed the amount and he says the money couldn't have come at a better time. because you see from what he is doing right there, he is getting married next month. >> i would like to say thank you so much. it made my day, my life much better. >> it appears the mystery tipp
as an interactive space, where people can learn about new technology. but google added things can change in the future. >>> microsoft's big gates, and facebook's mark zuckerberg are teaming up. they're giving $5 million to bring the internet to public classrooms around the country. the non-profit called education superhighway, says without access to the internet, about 40 million opportunities will be left behind. and the group says most schools are connected, but they lack the high speed connectioned that are needed today. >>> a northern california couple has welcomed identical triplets. abby, brin, and laurel were born. what makes them so rare is they were conceived without help from fertility treatments. the chances of nationally occurring identity triplets are between 1 and 1 million, to 1 and 100 million. the girls are expected to go home in a couple of weeks. >>> last night, we told you about a generous mystery tipper. coming up, who may be the man behind tips for jesus. >> laying out the bone chilling temperatures. and when this bay area could bring some snow. >> think your facebo
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helicopter searched the area including the creek by using infrared technology. but nobody was found. >> obviously anyone that witnessed the incident would be encouraged to call the milpitas police department. as of right now, the only person we've spoken to is the bus driver. there was one person on the bus who witnessed what had occurred. they were only able to provide a vague account of what happened due to their seating on the bus. >> reporter: police may release the video to the media to help their case. they are hoping if anyone saw anything, they will come forward. officers are reaching out to police agencies to see if they have any new missing persons cases. investigators say this appears to be an isolated incident but they are treating it as a serious matter. at this point, they just don't know if this woman was taken against her will. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> in about 30 minutes, the search resumes in idaho for missing san jose pilot dale smith and his family in the rugged idaho wilderness. on sunday, smith was piloting his plane. he was accompanied by by
their demands for information from technology companies. the group says people will stop using technology if they don't trust it. that would limit the free flow of information. >>> 7:40. figuring out what happened. the important hearing on the asiana plane crash at sfo takes place this week. what we expect to learn and the problems with the local response. >>> and what san mateo county is doing in the next hour to prepare for the devastation of rising sea levels. >>> good morning. right now, traffic is still slow on highway 4. this is due to a crash that blocked lanes a little while ago. we're getting some improvement. we'll tell you how long it is backed up for. >>> let me tell you, if i think it's cold out there, it's definitely cold. not only that, but our pretty strong breeze has picked up for the east bay. we'll talk about the cold and the wind coming up. a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach
the barge as a space where people can learn about new technology. >>> 7:56. the wide-open race to replace chuck reed, officially starts today. the candidates can start raising and spending money 180 days away from the june primary. so far, there are six major candidates. you can see their names here. public safety unions and other large groups are supporting santa clara's county supervisor dave kortazy whof has come out against reed's reform push. the other council members supported the pension reform measure. >>> happening today, the ride sharing app uber is now delivering christmas trees. uber users in ten cities including san francisco will be able to order a tree from home depot and have it delivered right to your doorstep. a 7-foot tall tree will cost about $135 with delivery. the trees can be ordered through the uber app. >>> 7:57. record cold temperatures here in the bay area today. so cold, crews are having too pour salt on the road in one city all because of black ice. >> reporter: we're live in slrd -- in san leandro where 75 people were evacuated and two people were injured af
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)